Zilker Elementary Art Class

Zilker Elementary Art Class

Monday, March 26, 2012

4th Grade Radial Stitchings

Fourth Grade students have been working hard on their stitching designs. First students drew out a plan for their designs that included radial balance, which means that their designs have two lines of symmetry. Then, they started learning the different stitches: running stitch, straight stitch, cross-stitch, and satin stitch. Students also had to choose one of the following stitches to include in their designs: decorated running stitch, fancy running stitch, or long and short stitch. Using burlap cloth as our fabric is helpful since it is loosely woven and much easier to sew with the large diameter yarn. The designs are looking great - finished artwork will be on display at Zilker's annual School-wide Student Art Show on April 14th!

Monday, March 19, 2012

3rd Grade Fiber Weavings

Third Grade artists have finished their fiber weavings! They will be on display for the School-wide Art Show starting on April 14th. Students learned the tabby weave, the Egyptian knot, and added a shape as well as tapestry slits beside the shape. Check out these beautiful works of art soon!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Second Grade Kandinsky Weavings

Second Grade students studied the artist Wassily Kandinsky for inspiration to create a twist on our usual paper weavings. First, we "took a line for a walk" and drew a combination line with black crayon. Then we added texture by rubbing texture plates with crayons; students had to choose a warm color scheme or cool color scheme. Students added watercolor the next class, and we cut slits into the paper and wove the opposite color scheme colored paper strips into the paper, using the basic tabby weave. As a last step, we added texture to a black piece of paper to create a frame for our finished weaving.