Zilker Elementary Art Class

Zilker Elementary Art Class

Saturday, November 15, 2008

5th Grade Clay Milagros

Milagros are small, metal pendants that represent a wish, prayer, or request. Milagros are found all over the world, but here in Texas most people buy them imported from Mexico.
Fifth Graders are creating clay versions of milagros that will eventually be painted to resemble metal. The shape of a milagro usually represents the wish. Students first had to think of a request, wish, or prayer, then decide how they would represent that wish through the medium of clay.
We talked using symbols to represent their wishes, which neatly ties in to our second Blanton field trip on Tuesday, November 18th. As part of their museum lesson, students will be discussing how different artists use symbols in their artworks as a way to communicate their artistic ideas to their viewers.

You always see smiling faces when we are working on clay!

A student scores the back of the clay shape she is about to attach to the background of her milagro.

She then adds slip, which is clay mixed with water, to both pieces of clay. The slip helps to bond the two pieces together.

Students hard at work on their milagros. Next class we will be adding details, texture, and pattern to the clay.

Fourth Grade Clay Masks

Fourth Graders are now creating their African clay masks in class. On this day we were learning how to score, slip, and smooth, the necessary steps for joining two pieces of clay. In the following photos, students are adding their eye shapes to their mask form.

Flower Power

Second Graders are now painting their flowers. Students are busy mixing the intermediate color they chose for the larger petals. Over the next two weeks we will be adding primary or secondary colors to the small petals and stigmas, as well as details like stamens.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What is that creature lurking outside the art room door....and now it's up on the table! Why, that is the First Graders' finished dinosaur sculpture, appropriately named "Tie-dye-asaurus." Luckily, this dino is not a meat-eater. Check it out at the Dinoland exhibit ongoing at the Zilker Botanical Gardens in Zilker Park.

Dinosaur in the Art Room?

First Graders are excited about their upcoming field trip to "Dinoland," part of the Zilker Botanical Gardens. They are even more excited because they will get to see one of their own creations there! Here are a few first graders working hard on 'zilkerizing" a dino wood cut-out that will be displayed as part of Dinoland.

First Grade Warm Color Paintings

First Graders are working hard on their Color Books. This day they were creating their warm color paintings using red, yellow, and orange.