Zilker Elementary Art Class

Zilker Elementary Art Class

Monday, September 22, 2008

Zilker School-wide Student Art Show April 2008

Sixth Grade students looked at the artist Andy Warhol and his artwork "Picasso Double Face." Pablo Picasso was an artist that inspired Warhol. Zilker students created a portrait in the same abstract style, and added bright colors and patterns with paint. Students also added a thick black line, just as Picasso did in many of his artworks.

Zilker School-wide Student Art Show - April 2008

Fifth Grade students studied the Oaxacan region of Mexico and the artists that live there. We then created animal sculptures in the Oaxacan style, using plaster instead of wood. Then students added paint in bright colors and patterns on the animals.

Zilker School-wide Student Art Show April 2008

Ms. Brosko's Class

Ms. Hardwick's Class

Ms. Russell's Class

Ms. Saucedo's Class

Fourth Grade learned how to sew different stitches like the running stitch, straight stitch, satin stitch, and the cross stitch. They first drew an idea for their design that could be realistic or abstract. Then they started sewing their design onto burlap.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Zilker School-wide Student Art Show

Ms. Montanez's Class

Ms. Wrigley's Class

Mr. Suehs' Class

Third graders studied the Californian artist Laurel Burch and drew cats in her colorful, imaginative style. They added black glue carefully onto their lines, then put in vivid colors with oil pastels.

Zilker School-wide Student Art Show

Ms. Dailey's Class

Ms. Sides' Class

Ms. Wynn's Class

Second Graders created their own self portraits using collage. We learned about symmetry and overlapping shapes, and the students did an incredible job on their clothing details. They also really captured their individual and unique portraits using paper and glue.

Zilker School-Wide Student Art Show

Ms. Bailey's Class

Ms. Shapiro's Class

Ms. Lugo's Class

First Grade students looked at Fauvist artist Andres Derain for color inspiration while working on our Austin cityscapes. Students worked really hard when they drew downtown skyscrapers, the Texas State Capital, as well as Town Lake. They then added bright imaginary colors to their cityscapes with tempera paint.

2008 School-wide Student Art Show

Ms. Yazbek's Class Quilt

Ms. Thornton's Class Quilt

Mr. Aziz's Class Quilt

Kindergarten students each created a quilt square, using artist Wassily Kandinsky as their inspiration. We used multi-media to create our quilt squares: texture rubbings, crayon and paint resist, collage, and drawing. Then we cmbined the squares to create a class quilt to display during Zilker's School-wide Art Show in April 2008.