Zilker Elementary Art Class

Zilker Elementary Art Class

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kinder Free Form Leaf Rubbings & Paintings

 Kinder students are busy learning about free form shapes and texture rubbings!  We first talked about how free form shapes are different from geometric shapes because they do not have names or even, smooth edges, and they are found mostly in nature.  We then talked about how the seasons were changing from summer to fall, and discussed what happens during Fall: the weather is cooler, the leaves change color, and then fall from the trees.  Leaves are free form shapes, so we took some leaf texture plates, placed them under our papers, and used our large crayons to rub the leaf images onto our papers, filling all of the space with free form leaves.

 The next art class we added more color with paint!  We talked about how to use our brushes gently, and started adding color to our leaves. Students noticed that even though the paint stuck to the paper, it did not stick to the crayon.  We talked about how the crayons have wax in them, and how water will not stick to wax.  Students will finish painting their leaves next time, creating a wonderful abstract work of color!

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