Zilker Elementary Art Class

Zilker Elementary Art Class

Friday, January 31, 2014

4th Grade Recycled Art Group Project

It has been over a month since I have posted, and for very good reasons: We have been so busy in the art room, not to mention our TWO unexpected ice days in January!  Family Night at Zilker is on Thursday, February 6th, and Zilker art students have been busy working on group projects to be displayed for our parents and students' viewing. 

Fourth Grade Students studied the artist Louise Nevelson and her relief sculptures.  Here is one that we looked closely at, and discussed her use of shape, form, and shadow.

 We used cardboard that I have been saving from delivery boxes.  Each fourth grade students created a relief sculpture that had variety of shapes and sizes, as well as different textures.  Students also had to arrange the cardboard pieces so that they produced a shadow.  Here they are all together:
 Below is a side view so you can check out how the students created the "relief" part...lots of parts sticking outward to create shadows!
 I love these so much...please come by the Zilker Cafeteria during Family Night to see these in person!

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