Zilker Elementary Art Class

Zilker Elementary Art Class

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 School-wide Student Art Show

There are so many great art works to see these year!  Here is a quick overview of what each class created:

 4th Grade Classes in Irvine, Brosko, and Lugo's rooms created these amazing fiber pieces that have radial balance.

 Third grade artists in Buono, Kent, and Yates' classrooms studied Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso to create these Cubist Faces.

Second Grade classrooms Morales, Dailey, Garland, and Sides studied the artist Georgia O'Keeffe and created 2-D flower paintings, and 3-D flower bowls made out of clay.

 Third grade students in Ms. Rakusin's class created these wonderful drawings of mangroves.

 5th grade artists in Mr. Woodage's class studied the artist Gustav Klimt, and painted these beautiful trees of life.

 4th Grade Ms. Thompson's class studied Vincent Van Gogh and drew the Texas State Capitol against a starry Texas sky.

 1st Grade classes also studied Van Gogh and used oil pastel and paper to create the downtown skyline of Austin.  These classes are Ms. Murphy's and Ms. Bomely's artists.

 First graders also studied symmetry and body proportions to create a self portrait collage. The classes on display are Ms. McLendon's and Ms. Avant's classes.

 Kinder students in Ms. Cohn's class studied Texas wildflowers and painted them.

 Ms. Shapiro's 1st  grade artists created dot paintings after looking at the book by Peter Reynolds.

 Kinder artists in Mr. McNitt, Ms. Caswell, Ms. Caroline, and Ms. Wolden's classrooms studied artist Jasper Johns to create paintings about letters or numbers.

Ms. Saucedo's 2nd grade artists created still life paintings after studying artist Henri Matisse.

 Fifth Grade artists in Weaver, Thompson, and Russell's homerooms created bicycle paintings.

 I hope you have had the chance to see the 2015 Art Show in person!  If not, it will be on display until mid May; please stop by and check out the amazing art works that our Zilker Panthers created!!

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