Zilker Elementary Art Class

Zilker Elementary Art Class

Sunday, May 17, 2015

What is Happening in the Art Room: May Edition

Spring is in the air and students are wired and ready for summer break! We are keeping busy with last projects, and a big group project.

 5th Grade artists are working on their Mexican Bark Paintings of animals.
 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade students are all helping out painting the fence posts for the Garden Mural, our big group project.  We will finish next year with all grade levels contributing.
Pop Art is the style we are aspiring for; bright, bold colors on the veggies, fruits,helpful insects, and active Keith haring figures.

 Fourth Grade artists' last project is Wayne Thiebaud Dessert relief prints. We are busy trying to get everyone printed!!

 Kinder art students are finishing their clay pinch pots by carving four petroglyph symbols into the sides of their pots. We were studying the Mexican artist Juan Quezada, who also got inspiration from Native American symbols, which he painted onto his clay pots.

Second Grade artists are creating a beautiful whole class project that will brighten our hallway in August for the first few weeks of school. We are looking at Vincent Van Gogh's "Still Life:with 12 Sunflowers" painting, and each painted a sunflower to be glued onto a giant class collage. Now, students are each creating their own version of a vase with sunflowers that they can take home!

First Graders are making diorama habitats for their dinosaur sculptures.  They are also painting their clay  dinosaur sculptures with bright colors.

Third Grade artists are weaving on cardboard looms.  They are learning both the tabby weave and Egyptian knot technique.

We are keeping busy these last few weeks of school!

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