Zilker Elementary Art Class

Zilker Elementary Art Class

Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 School-wide Student Art Show

The hallway at Zilker has been transformed into a museum again...and oh what an amazing museum it is!!  Students have worked so hard to create their works of art, and the show is making our school so much brighter and more colorful.  This is a quick synopsis of the art show; if you can, you should see it in person in all of its glory!   

5th Grade painted beautiful Mexican Bark Paintings, including an animal in action surrounded by tropical plants and flowers.

 4th Grade painted a stylized self portrait using Henri Matisse as inspiration.

Ms. Devore's 4th grade classes created optical illusions with art teacher  Ms. Wilson.
 Ms. Davis and Ms. Munroe's classes have their Matisse inspired goldfish paintings on display.

Ms. Cooper's class has their clay fish sculptures on display.
 Ms. Kent and Ms. Yates' classes have optical illusions and weavings on display.

 Ms. Morales, Mr. Garland, and Ms. Avant's classes have their Eric Carle inspired collages on display.

Ms. Saucedo and Ms. Dailey's classes have their torn paper collage landscapes on display.

1st grade studied Spanish artist Joan Miro and created their own surrealist paintings.

Ms. McLendon's class created collages based on Henri Matisse's work.

Kinder students studied artist Pablo Picasso and created a mixed media guitar artwork.

Mr. McNitt's class created Chinese dragons.

The art show will be up until May 20th - please try to see it in person!

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