Zilker Elementary Art Class

Zilker Elementary Art Class

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5th Grade Contour Line Bicycle Drawings

5th Grade artists are studying contour line, and drawing from direct observation a common, everyday object: a bicycle! I brought in my bicycle, and students drew parts of the bicycle using a viewfinder to help them frame their composition.

Contour line can be tricky because you have to look at the object you are drawing more than down at your paper, which is what we automatically want to do.  You are also not supposed to pick up your pencil, instead making a long continuous line, but I allowed students to take their pencils off of the paper, as long as they placed it back on the line when they began drawing again.  I call it "modified contour line."  The view finders can be seen sitting on the tables in the below photo.


After practicing at least five contour line drawings of different parts of the bike, students chose two different views of the bike to make into their final watercolor.  To further abstract the work, students are adding imaginary colors to both the positive shapes of the bike, and to the negative spaces behind and around the bike shapes.  Students are also using different brush techniques to add the color.

These are turning out spectacular...I just LOVE the bright colors!  Be sure to look for them in the hallway in April for the School-wide Art Show!

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